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The Canadian Military has been helping us at home and abroad for a long time. Now its our turn to help them. Many soldiers have trouble adjusting to civilian life, are experiencing PTSD or struggling to get the support they need. Let’s see if we can do something about it.

BATTLETESTED was formed to raise awareness of Veterans needs, provide an opportunity to assist in the specific needs of our Veterans and to give back to the community through donations.  If you are a Veteran, please take advantage of our offerings.  If you aren't but want to help., consider donating to the program and learn about the issues facing our people.

Introducing the cause

The organizations below have joined forces to help address problem areas that Canadian Military Veterans are experiencing and add their support.  Wearing our jersey is one way to do so!


Make a tax-deductible contribution here, every little bit helps! Contributions of $600* or more will receive a BATTLETESTED original hockey jersey to show your support and your membership to the team. Click to make your donation today!   You can also donate your jersey to a veteran as per the veteran marketplace below!

   THE JERSEY - -  The Back      

In Military communication IGY6 always means "I've got your back"  and we have theirs!

                  THE JERSEY --  The Front

When you make your donation on this dedicated page, please be sure to let us know the size you would prefer! *Tax receipts will be issued minus the $100 value of the jersey. Click to make your donation today!


With this addition we honour the late Wolf Solkin. A fiery soul and relentless advocate! In his 90’s he started an internal newspaper at his veterans hospital.  He led a class action suit driven from his hospital bed on his iPad, which was successful just prior to his passing in his 98th year. You can join us as well with a gift of $130 on our site to receive one of these special editions!! Tax receipts will be issued minus the $30 value of the hat.


Lest we forget people like Wolf (pictured here) and other like him who gave so much, we are pleased to include a link to the site which tells stories from veterans that should be acknowledged. Thank you to Al Cameron for this tremendous work.


True Patriot Love is Canada’s leading national foundation that supports active members of the Canadian Armed Forces, Veterans and their families, funds community-based programs, and contributes to the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research. To learn more visit


We are offering a menu of voluntary services online dedicated to assisting veterans obtain products and services not readily available to them. Easy to acquire products and services some of which are free of charge Click to visit our site


Whether you are dealing with depression or know someone who is, this site will offer tips in noticing the signs and providing effective support.
For more information please view our video. and check out the assistance at


This online marketplace fosters the growth and development of Canadian Veteran-owned and operated initiatives. Marketplace members who follow plus share the battletested Facebook site with friends will be entered for a draw every 2 months for a jersey courtesy of some of our donors!! Join and start sharing today!

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Gary Brown

Battletested Founder

Experienced Chief Executive Officer skilled in Business Planning, Group Benefits, Association and Multi Employer programs.  Strong business development professional and serial business founder and supporter of Veterans!



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About us

We were formed to give back to our Canadian Military Veterans via dedicated Not for Profit Organizations in appreciation for all they have done for us.